Individual Coaching

You know you. If you are the person that needs a little extra work, attention, behavior change, or if you just like to work though your journey one-on-one, then individual coaching is here for you.

Coralage Coaching Individual Coaching takes you beyond what we can accomplish in group training and tailors the experience to your unique needs and goals. Together with your individual coach, you will start right where you are at now and design a plan to eliminate your roadblocks on your path to becoming a healthy, vibrant 100 year old – enjoying every step in the journey. 

Individual coaching spots are now booking with our founder, Carly Cummings. However, they limited to availability. So, please fill out this interest form, and we will get back to your with more information and when a spot will be opening.

The cost is $500 a month* and includes:

  • Personalized pre and post assessments
  • A customized longevity program created based on your defined and most important needs
  • Weekly coaching sessions via zoom video call (or option of in person if in Omaha, NE)
  • In depth exploration of the core elements of longevity
  • Accountability and encouragement
  • Access to the current group coaching sessions at no additional cost

*At least a three month commitment is necessary for best results.

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