Group Coaching

Coralage Longevity Group Coaching Sessions are a foundational start to your journey to being the healthiest you now and into your last decade. In group sessions we will:

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  • Prescreen to find areas where your habits and behaviors are shortening your healthspan
  • Address the core areas of whole person health with education, strategy and execution and accountability. Including:
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
    • Social Health
    • Mental/Emotional Health
    • Biology
    • Happiness, Spirit Health
    • Self-care and aesthetics
  • Dispel myths and long held beliefs that are harming your health
  • Bench mark, test and screen our starting points and our process towards Centenarian (100 year old) health

We created Coralage Longevity Coaching because of the severe gap in knowledge most people have between what they think (or what they are told) will be enough to keep them healthy into old age and what will really protect them for a greater healthspan. We want everyone to have a fair chance at getting to age 100 in a state they can enjoy it in. This is our passion and mission.

– Carly, Founder of Coralage Longevity Coaching
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Group Session Details

  • Coralage Longevity Group Sessions are weekly, online, and live video seminars (recorded if you have to miss). They are video conferenced (turning your camera on is optional). They last ten weeks and run about an hour each. There are PDF resources, self-assessments and other multi-media resources made available as discussed.
  • Cost: $250 for a ten week session
    • Notes on cost: Here is the deal. We are on a mission to make Longevity Coaching available to everyone. Your health should not be dependent on if you can afford it. (Our modern medicine is bad enough at this already!) So, if you cannot afford the cost at this time, please apply for a scholarship. We have many partial and a few full scholarships available for each group session. (And, if the scholarships and or open spots are all taken for the current session, we will put you on the wait list for the next one.)
    • We have set up our group coaching sessions as fair and accessible as we could make them, and we want YOU to join us!

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If you think you might need a scholarship, please note that in the comments on your registration.

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